Bullocks you say?

You say I can’t compare dairy with rape? And you’ve seen cows being milked before and they don’t looked terrified for their lives?

Yesterday I received an email essentially stating the two sentences above. And having never walked myself through, as in actually written out, the explicit facts I use to justify a statement as inflammatory as equating the sexual interference of a sentient being to the romantic notion of how it is we actually obtain “our” milk, I thought I’d share my response to that email below.

First off, and most importantly, the animal user industries have been extremely successful at selling us an image they need us to believe in order to conduct business as usual. That’s no mystery. It’s a fact. What is a mystery, figuratively speaking, is everything involved in providing us with “products” without a face or a story. Sadly the image they’re selling and what really goes on do not line up, even remotely, in the same vicinity of each other…

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Listening to the radio

There I was in bed this morning, while listening to the radio and contemplating starting my day, when a piece came on Metro Morning about Sean Avery — a professional NHL Hockey player — “coming out” in support of Gay Marriage. Instantly something didn’t sit right with me. Wasn’t this the same clown who, a couple years back, made some borderline misogynistic remarks concerning his “sloppy seconds” and a fellow player?

Now he’s supporting, publicly no less, Gay Marriage? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing he’s stepping up to lend his support for such a cause, but remember who it’s coming from. Where sexism resides it’s hard to believe homophobia isn’t a close neighbour, if not a completely welcomed room mate.

I’ll take that for what it’s worth, which isn’t much, thanks…

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A Quick Note on Inspiration

I often hear people say I’m a great source of inspiration to them. And with much more humility than I’m sure is expected, or even warranted, I kindly accept that honour, and continue on with what I’m doing. Not that such a compliment isn’t something I’m so arrogant as to brush off, or those words aren’t greatly appreciated, or that I don’t take them seriously. Far from it. I take such kind words very seriously. Each and every time I hear them. They are way more flattering than anyone will ever realize. Trust me. I’m modest when it comes to matters such as this, for reason’s I won’t get into.

But I do wonder if those people, while telling me I’ve affected them, are curious about who moves me…

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Thanks Kelly

Taking a break from my Haiti “commentary” — not that more attention toward the aftermath of the earthquake(s) is/are, by any means, not warranted or undeserved — I thought I’d direct your attention to 2 excellent and separate blog postings, each written by, the same author, Kelly Garbato. Kelly blogs for both V for Vegan: easyVegan.info and Animal Rights & Anti-Oppression. And, as I said, today posted On being a pro-choice vegan and On “trusting women” (all women).

Brilliant! There are way too many instances in which I’d wish to cite, from both articles, so I highly recommend you read them, both of them.

Thanks Kelly…