Make the Effort

It was twenty  years ago today, December 6th, 1989, when “proven” misogynist and extraordinary needledick;

“… Marc Lépine, walked into École Polytechnique in Montréal, ‘armed with a legally obtained semi-automatic rifle and a hunting knife, shot twenty-eight people, killing fourteen and injuring the other fourteen before killing himself.’ All the people that he managed to murder were women. And, here’s the kicker, those efforts were declared his attempts at ‘fighting feminism’…”

And as truly horrific and sadly tragic the events of that day really were, like that of last year, I’m still quite incapable of writing anything that would, even remotely, do the lessons of that day, 20 years ago,  justice. In fact, with the Canadian Government working so diligently to abolish the “federal long gun registry,” this years anniversary of the Montreal Massacre is ever more relevant. So much so, I am certain anything I would write would be nothing more than a bunch of much deserved douche bag references, directed at people who aren’t easily insulted, or, for that matter, care what people, namely me, think.

It’s an absolute exercize in futility, and I won’t be taking part in it, today…

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Anti-Empire Report

November’s edition of Bill Blum’s monthly essay contribution is a “rager;”

“If machismo explains war, if men love war and fighting so much, why do we have to compel them with conscription on pain of imprisonment? Why do the powers-that-be have to wage advertising campaigns to seduce young people to enlist in the military? Why do young men go to extreme lengths to be declared exempt for physical or medical reasons? Why do they flee into exile to avoid the draft? Why do they desert the military in large numbers in the midst of war? Why don’t Sweden or Switzerland or Costa Rica have wars? Surely there are many macho men in those countries…”

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Just Read It!

As I briefly “eluded” to in my previous post, it’s September. And with yet another month — of which I’m all too certain will be packed to the brim with the exact, or damn near similar, injustices of the former 31 days — upon us we get a brand new Anti-Empire Report! I urge, no, I beg everyone to read it.

As always, it’s a phenomenal read, and worthy of every single bit of your attention…