Avatar The Movie

Well I saw the movie Avatar this past Saturday night. And subsequent to having “experienced” it, I was involved in quite a thoughtful and very constructive — personally speaking — conversation. Discussing, both, the film’s flaws — animal issues, with which I have a specific concern with, and don’t fully agree — and its benefits — the fact that white people can better understand and relate to a white character, and thus begin to understand “colonial[/white] privilege, hegemony, etc.” — on Facebook.

As for the animal issues raised, I agree with the objections to the “domestication”/domination/ownership of the flying species the Na’vi used throughout the film is flawed, specifically with respect to the way they are “connected,” but I’ve issues with demonizing the hunting. While sad, of course, plus I’m not really sure how necessary hunting is to the Na’vi, given their seemingly “fruitful” environment, but condemning an indigenous people for living off the land, much the same away people in the Arctic currently, and for many a generation have survived, seems uncomfortably misplaced.

That said, my interpretation of the film is a bit different. Not better. Just different. While I agree with what one particular individual involved in our conversation said, it was very refreshing (even exciting) to see a disability cast in such a role, the main role, but something about Jake’s value as productive member of the team — only because he happened to be the twin of the intended original Avatar “driver” — didn’t sit right with me. An almost a least best scenario? Like “it’s this or nothing?” I understand it. But it still bothered me. And I’ll be the first to admit, it could be me being hyper-sensitive…

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FLOW The Film

Have you seen T. Boone Pickens’ on TV touting his plan to switch from a dependence on foreign oil to an energy “strategy” based on wind? I remember thinking to myself “could you [The U.S.] even do that?” Not really my point. But It seems that’s not all keeping a “Greasy Man” busy these days.

On Friday Democracy Now ran a bit on the film “FLOW: For Love Of Water.” A new documentary citing a global water crisis and the growing reality of a “global water cartel.” Frightening…  Continue reading FLOW The Film

Yet Some More Concerns To Contemplate

This past Monday was Labour Day. A day happily spent sitting in the sun, drinking beers, and watching Freddy carry on as he always does. Running, playing, and being a dog, who seemingly only “cares about not caring.”

That was until he found a random patch of grass that was entirely too attractive for him to leave alone. It consumed his attention, effort, and, for a brief period of time, his whole existence. I’d have given anything to experience that moment where a scent that he managed to stumble upon was all that truly mattered.

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The Truth Will Set You Free

I happened to witness something on the internet that frankly put me into a strange state of wonder. A “movie” called Zeitgeist. A collection of ideas “chronicling” the plausibility of an unsettling “coming of age.”

Sure it may be hard to swallow. Here I am, almost a full 48 hours later and no closer to knowing how to take the culmination of the ideas shared. Not so much because I’m completely convinced by the manner in which the “film” was presented, per se. Rather the fact that it was so absorbing. And so seemingly believable. Continue reading The Truth Will Set You Free