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“I’ve been aware of the word and it’s inherent value to veganism for quite some time. But it would seem to have a more intrinsic or “natural” value regarding how I’ve chosen to live my life. Specifically where an individuals worth is based primarily on perceived differences, and my rejecting to subscribe to such a flawed/superficial means of existence.”

Talk About A Long Time In Coming

“Anyway a friend asked me to help her out with a paper she needs to write for school. She rocked me a set of questions she wants me to answer on mainstream culture and how I, being a “minority” (speaking as a person of difference) “struggles” integrating into society, given those differences.”

Strange Things Happen Everyday

“And yet even more astonishing is people, like you (you need to register, is all) (anyone can) (it won’t take too long) will be able to comment on that which temporarily enters my mind long enough for me to recognize, type and very soon wish I hadn’t ever published in the first place. Relax, when something gets stuck in my head, it’s not too long before it’s lost, forever.”