I Can’t Believe It

OK, yesterday I wrote and posted a bit on racism. And how a television reporter might be guilty of being “insensitive,” at least by something he said “in passing.” But I wasn’t sure.

So in a moment of extreme uncertainty, I “panicked” and deleted it without actually thinking it through, relatively soon after posting it. For which I came to feel “guilty” over what I had done. Sure about what I wrote and not being entirely sure of my “footing,” but a lot more about deleting it. I’m not too sure of “proper blogging practices,” but deleting something, no matter how soon after posting would seem to me to be a “no-no.” 

Point being guilt is a powerful emotion. That’s probably why an American President’s hair is a lot more grey following leaving office, eh? Oh, and I’ve since reposted A Moment Of Racism? Continue reading I Can’t Believe It

A Moment Of Racism?

Originally appearing here and was subsequently yanked yesterday, Saturday August 23rd, 2008…

I was planning on taking it easy today. For whatever reason–I’ve a suspicion those two extra beers last evening didn’t contribute to my “fettered” motivation–what ya gonna do, not watch Dazed And Confused?

I know, shoulda known better than to watch CNN while trying to relax today. What’s done is done…

The big “news” was Barack Obama choosing Joe Biden as his running mate in his quest for the American Presidency. Interestingly it’s painfully compelling to watch the various idiots talk the shit out of a subject. But just before I had my fill John King–the dink who “broke” a story that any Democrat with a cell phone already knew–dropped what I assume is a moment of racism? Continue reading A Moment Of Racism?

Tainted Meat

I was a little off my game yesterday, if you will. I went to visit my Grandfather in the hospital and I, obviously had a lot on my mind. 

He seems to be feeling, a least a bit better. He was out of bed, giving his characteristic hand gestures (Oops I don’t mean him singing, rather his “stupid asshole” “pusha” gesture) and I felt a bit better after witnessing that. But not knowing why he was admitted in the first place is still weighing heavily on my mind. They’re running tests. Continue reading Tainted Meat

A Very Powerful Appreciation


I recently watched what is without doubt the best horror movie of all time. Not many films are as unbelievably unsettling, or, better yet so disturbing as the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. When Leatherface clubs Jerry in the head causing him to collapse and “twitch” on the floor? So utterly intense.

Never has a single scene in a movie left me so affected. In fact I so clearly remember the first time I ever saw the movie and that scene, in particular. In Keg’s basement, as a kid, really, totally freaked out of my mind. As if being in his house wasn’t spooky enough, the walk home was truly something else.

It’s still, if not more difficult, to watch (what with it now being re-mastered?). Damn… Continue reading A Very Powerful Appreciation