My Favorite Records of 2008

Not unlike it came in, the year that is almost up, is looking like it will leave in an all to similar fashion. Much to do with absolutely nothing. And, be that as it may, since I’ve already “prematurely” revealed the winner of my “2008 Piece Of Shit List,” Sarah Palin, naming runner-up Douche Bag’s, at this point, strikes me as a tad redundant. So, I thought, in an attempt to acknowledge this year coming to an end I may as well mark the occasion by listing my top 3 favorite records of 2008.

“It’s all good…”

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Genghis Carnage

NIN Album Cover

Knowing Jared is quite an infuriating experience. Let me explain. During his last visit he brought 3 CDs with him. Two of which tickled my fancy in interesting ways. I’m sorry but the third, “Crowpath,” made me laugh the whole time it was being played. There’s something about the name.

But the other two bands, Cephalic Carnage and Genghis Tron and their disc’s Xenosapien and Board Up The House, respectively were somehow different than I expected. I still can’t put my finger on why Xenosapien was and is so attractive. I still don’t think much of the vocals. Everything from Cookie Monster to Cobra Commander? And beyond?

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Those Eyes

So here we are in 2008, actually being subjected to one bad Hollywood blockbuster after another. And as much as it pains me to say it, I will. The thing I wanted most as a youngster, wicked special effects, has murdered the art of film.

I’m not, at all insinuating that all movies produced since 1997, say (Hint, hint) are all bad. I just feel a lot of the worst — modern horror and science-fiction features especially — wouldn’t even be entertained in the first place if it wasn’t for Hollywood’s seeming ability and weak attempts to hide shit writing and/or directing.

I was hoping with all my might that it would change. But it hasn’t…

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