The Cost Of Freedom?

Today, via Stephanie over at Animal Rights & Anti Oppression, I was directed to a rather thought provoking article, labelled A Rant About Freedom. It’s really worth a read today, for my neighbours to the south, as well as this week, for my fellow Canadian’s — and, no, not for the ironic and barbaric crackdown on dissent, as an all too predictable result of the G20 Summit, provided by this needle-dick conference, but rather Canada Day.

By all means, these holidays mean something to a lot of you — fair enough — but not everyone is in quite the same position to share your “jubilation.” Please take a moment and consider the cost of the “freedom” you enjoy…

Avatar The Movie

Well I saw the movie Avatar this past Saturday night. And subsequent to having “experienced” it, I was involved in quite a thoughtful and very constructive — personally speaking — conversation. Discussing, both, the film’s flaws — animal issues, with which I have a specific concern with, and don’t fully agree — and its benefits — the fact that white people can better understand and relate to a white character, and thus begin to understand “colonial[/white] privilege, hegemony, etc.” — on Facebook.

As for the animal issues raised, I agree with the objections to the “domestication”/domination/ownership of the flying species the Na’vi used throughout the film is flawed, specifically with respect to the way they are “connected,” but I’ve issues with demonizing the hunting. While sad, of course, plus I’m not really sure how necessary hunting is to the Na’vi, given their seemingly “fruitful” environment, but condemning an indigenous people for living off the land, much the same away people in the Arctic currently, and for many a generation have survived, seems uncomfortably misplaced.

That said, my interpretation of the film is a bit different. Not better. Just different. While I agree with what one particular individual involved in our conversation said, it was very refreshing (even exciting) to see a disability cast in such a role, the main role, but something about Jake’s value as productive member of the team — only because he happened to be the twin of the intended original Avatar “driver” — didn’t sit right with me. An almost a least best scenario? Like “it’s this or nothing?” I understand it. But it still bothered me. And I’ll be the first to admit, it could be me being hyper-sensitive…

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Become A Sustainer

I’ve been a ZNet sustainer since late last year? And I’m more than willing to admit I’m quite impressed with what I receive from my modest monthly contribution.

Honestly I don’t use my “member privileges” anywhere near its potential. I have yet to set up my “ZSpace Page.” I need to get on that. But what I do find most valuable is receiving “nightly sustainer commentary” in my email inbox. Granted it takes, at least, a $1 monthly contribution to be eligible for that “feature.” So I urge anyone who can afford to part with $12 a year to become a sustainer.

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I Can’t Believe It

OK, yesterday I wrote and posted a bit on racism. And how a television reporter might be guilty of being “insensitive,” at least by something he said “in passing.” But I wasn’t sure.

So in a moment of extreme uncertainty, I “panicked” and deleted it without actually thinking it through, relatively soon after posting it. For which I came to feel “guilty” over what I had done. Sure about what I wrote and not being entirely sure of my “footing,” but a lot more about deleting it. I’m not too sure of “proper blogging practices,” but deleting something, no matter how soon after posting would seem to me to be a “no-no.” 

Point being guilt is a powerful emotion. That’s probably why an American President’s hair is a lot more grey following leaving office, eh? Oh, and I’ve since reposted A Moment Of Racism? Continue reading I Can’t Believe It