You’re Vegan? And Healthy?

I’ve recently had quite a constructive, speaking from my point of view at least, back and forth, concerning veganism, with an old friend. And yesterday the subject of health and the merits of how I eat came up.

All Starting with said friend forwarding me a link to a blog post — that I found fairly problematic and somewhat short sighted — of an ex-vegan intent on bashing veganism for its supposed poor health consequences. With absolutely no valid arguments toward the reasons for his alleged feeling bad, other than a few horrible pictures of himself. I digress.

This was largely my response to his forward — to which I’ve added since sending…

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Veganism In The Mainstream?

On Saturday, Gary Steiner, had a piece published in The New York Times, titled Animal, Vegetable, Miserable. It’s a pretty decent article. Especially considering the forum. And so worthy of your attention. Especially that of American’s, given the time of year;

“Think about that when you’re picking out your free-range turkey, which has absolutely nothing to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. All it ever had was a short and miserable life, thanks to us intelligent, compassionate humans…”

Check it out…

Until I Hear

Following the local news these days is much more appealing to me than watching a bunch of “liberals” give each other hand jobs in Denver. I don’t know about you…

That and I dare not forget to mention that and the Maple Leaf tainted meat recall has grown to just short of 250 some odd products? And my Grandfathers doctors still aren’t sure why he’s sick? With their efforts now concentrating on his stomach? Continue reading Until I Hear

Tainted Meat

I was a little off my game yesterday, if you will. I went to visit my Grandfather in the hospital and I, obviously had a lot on my mind. 

He seems to be feeling, a least a bit better. He was out of bed, giving his characteristic hand gestures (Oops I don’t mean him singing, rather his “stupid asshole” “pusha” gesture) and I felt a bit better after witnessing that. But not knowing why he was admitted in the first place is still weighing heavily on my mind. They’re running tests. Continue reading Tainted Meat