There’s Always Next Year

Yesterday represented my first real “break” in writing on a daily basis. And 6 days short of full month! Aside from that fart, on August the 23rd, I’ve posted every single day since August 12th. Quite a stretch. But with my vacation over, I’m right back at it today.

So my “time off” was spent trekking into the city to attend the 24th Annual Vegetarian Food Fair in Toronto. It’s been quite some time since I’ve actually been to the city, a few years at least, and it felt oddly visceral. It was the same but it wasn’t? 

I have no idea why either… Continue reading There’s Always Next Year

No Need To Repeat

Today’s post has, at least in part been incited by the Vegan Freaks…

I’ve been writing on a pretty regular basis for a year and a half. And don’t necessarily mean for this blog, per se, but generally. And in that time I’ll find myself writing an email to someone about something, when I stumble on an idea I’d possibly like to explore at a little bit later. So in a folder it goes for another time. To my amazement I’ve collected quite a mess of incoherent, half thought out groups of words…

And just yesterday I was rooting around in said folder, looking for something to expand on. When I read a piece I wrote, about a year ago? It was regarding “animal activism.” And, essentially how it can be a noble endeavor and desperately needs to be fought. But not by me. “It’s just not my deal.” Or so I thought… Continue reading No Need To Repeat


Abolitionism is a term originating–if Wikipedia is a reliable guide–with that of slavery. Specifically regarding the abolishment or elimination of the practice. And has subsequently been more broadly defined. To “formally put an end to (a system, practice, or institution).” 

I’ve been aware of the word and it’s inherent value to veganism for quite some time. But it would seem to have a more intrinsic or “natural” value regarding how I’ve chosen to live my life. Specifically where an individuals worth is based primarily on perceived differences, and my rejecting to subscribe to such a flawed/superficial means of existence. An example? How ’bout an arbitrary ablity to feel “human” emotions? Are “animals” really all that different from us? Continue reading Abolitionism

Open Letter To A Chef

This past weekend my sister was married. And as far as traditional family “ergonomics” dictate, it was a very special occasion. I couldn’t help but feel emotionally invested in the “proceedings,” if you will. After all it is my sister! I have an interest in what went on.

Now I may not always act like it, but she means a great deal to me. She is such an important figure in my life. Not forgetting to mention my recovery. I couldn’t ever hope to thank her enough for the support and love she provided my parents and I through the most difficult years of my life. She is such an inspiration and an incredible source of pride for me. I love her so very much. And was honored to be a part of such a momentous day in her life.

My point? The day was hers. And most deservedly. The last thing I wanted was anyones attention, especially hers, directed away from her special occasion. For any reason. Least of all for me. Continue reading Open Letter To A Chef