Supporting Caste Preview

Supporting Caste...

The past couple weeks I’ve been a little pre-occupied with a number of much more pressing personal and global issues than to address the “inevitable.” Not to worry my personal issues are not a concern to anyone but myself. Just wrastling with some overdue work. Not a biggie…

So I guess it was late Saturday, I didn’t get my bell rung ’til Sunday, when Propagandhi announced;

“We’ve released two MP3s from the new album – “Supporting Caste” and “Human(e) Meat” – with one string attached.  In order to download these songs, you must make a small donation (in an amount of your choosing) to one of three activist organizations that we feel reflect our values.  Choose from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Partners In Health, or peta2.”1

What a great idea;

“What’s that? You’re a cheap bastard, and you’d rather download them for free off of a file-sharing site?  That’s fine. Just keep in mind that it will be your fault when whales continue to be butchered, poor people continue to die of preventable diseases, and animals continue to have their throats slit and guts ripped-out because they ‘taste good!’ All. Your. Fault.”2

It should be of no concern to you for the quality of the two songs you’ll receive in return for your donation. They meet and, yes, even exceed my wildest expectations. Don’t think twice about making your hard earned cash work even harder for 3 very important causes. Oh yeah, you can pre-order the record, too…

“Click here to check it out, you crazy fuckfaced freak!!!”3

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