Strange Things Happen Everyday

Would’ya look at that? Here I sit, nearly 3 month’s after “launching” this site, only to take it down for what I thought would be a slight “re-tooling.” Silly me, things never go how you expect. I guess all that matters is it’s back up! As a fully functional “blog,” no less. Or at least (with fingers crossed) I hope it “functions” as a blog ‘ought.

Thanks to WordPress, Derek (for needed advice) and a few casual weeks of “diddling,” I was able to, seemingly figure out how to “post” a collection of my ill-informed, insanely biased, alcohol-fueled rants.

And yet even more astonishing is people, like you (you need to register, is all) (anyone can) (it won’t take too long) will be able to comment on that which temporarily enters my mind long enough for me to recognize, type and very soon wish I hadn’t ever published in the first place. Relax, when something gets stuck in my head, it’s not too long before it’s lost, forever.

Shit, what was I saying? (hilarious, I know)

Anyway, I’m at a point in life where I’m sure concern in myself is no longer a productive use of time. I don’t mean to provide the impression that my life is futile. Or that I’ve given up. That’s never likely to happen. I’m saying my time would be much better spent in pursuit of efforts elsewhere. Namely, here. Doing, this…

If I can cause you look upon a single situation a little differently (different than an assumption might take you) through me carrying on as I do (I’m not saying impressions you get will be good ones) I will have really accomplished something.

For I’m proof of an individual who is different than a glance might suggest. Circumstances are rarely as they seem…

After all I’m hoping I can inspire you to open your mind, consider everything (if you don’t know something you wish you did, get off your ass and find out) and try hard not to cast preconceptions on that for which most people couldn’t possibly understand.

Strange things happen everyday…