Something To Read

As with most days, today didn’t disappoint, I received my ZNet Daily Commentary in my inbox. Nice an convenient like. The latest installment, titled “A Beardful of Bunkum” by George Monbiot, dealt with an ever increasingly serious issue. Global warming. But with a twist. George wrote about the absurd position people are, not only still believing, but still getting coverage while talking their shit.

Here I sit, a good 1.5 hour car drive north of the city my “dashboard” temperature reading is apparently representing, where it says the expected high today is 12 degrees Celsius. That’s 50 odd degrees Fahrenheit. On December 28th!

For those unfamiliar with what I’m getting at or, more specifically, what one should expect from a good ‘ol  Canadian winter, this, my friend, is total insanity. What was, probably, 4 feet of snow, not a couple of days ago is now, barely, 2 feet high and shrinking. This isn’t natural or an anomaly, by any stretch of my imagination, given recent winters.

And global warming is a myth?

People really can’t see what is, all to rapidly, approaching? Seriously? Time to consider things has long passed. Time to act is almost gone, if it hasn’t already. Why in the fucking hell are we still debating  “the most dangerous situation humankind has ever encountered?”

I mean how ignorant does one have to be, not to see the effects of consuming finite resources with an “it’s never going to end” attitude, and realize their will be consequences to our actions. Most of which has already begun. And will, most definitely, kill us all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just a guilty as the next bloke for not paying attention, but shit has to change. And I don’t mean little changes. Our fundamental systems, not to mention our ways of thinking, are deeply flawed. We need a bottom up re-design. Bad. Not now. Yesterday!

This cannot be sustained. Now, if you had any idea who just wrote the bunch of words above, this would really be something to read, eh?