So Very Sad

Not 30 seconds ago, while over at Green Is The New Red, I ground my teeth through an article about the most absurd “situation” that has ever been typed on a computer. Chuck Norris Advocating Armed Revolution and Terrorist “Cell” Tactics;

“Chuck Norris says it may soon be time to violently overthrow the U.S. government, and he’s organizing “cells” around the country.”

But, hold on a second, it gets worse. Much worse. What’s so bloody ironic is it’s all too relevant, not to mention, “hypocritical;”

“So why isn’t Chuck Norris a threat? Because the government crackdown on activists as “terrorists” has nothing to do with crimes or the potential for violence, it’s about prosecuting ideology and chilling dissent. Even though Chuck Norris is using extreme rhetoric, the ideology behind the rhetoric–religious fervor, capitalism, empire–isn’t a threat. It’s not dissent. It’s the norm [emphasis mine].”

Needle-dickery at it’s best. You know, I never could stomach Chuck Norris’ style of martial art or, more specifically, any of his movies, as a kid. What I wouldn’t give, especially now, is to watch any ninja confront—not sneak-up but come at him from the front—this clown and kick his ass stupid.

The saddest thing is it wouldn’t take very long for tough ‘ol Chuck to arrive at stupid. Idiot…