Skippy The Pig

Back in high school I remember police being present over various lunch periods in the “lockerbay.” And it was the same cop every time, too. Young, macho, proud and stupid. Walking around all with his chest all stuck out thinking he was the shit. What a goof.

Does anyone remember why he was there?

 No matter. While watching CP24 yesterday I happened to catch “The Daily Pole” question. As if there’s anything more cute than an internet “vote” asking a bunch of anonymous internet “surfers” a question that really has no merit on anything. But the question was “Do you think police officers should be stationed in Toronto high schools?

And it made me think of Skippy the Pig. I know, that’s not very nice or fair and using the term “Pig” when referring to a Police Officer is excessive and speciesist, to pigs. But it made me laugh? 

So yeah…