The Same Standard?

What’s with people? You’d think with the debacle of the “War On Terror,” and Iraq specifically, American “Conservative’s” would scrutinize what they have to say a little harder before talking their shit, eh? I know, how dare I.

So it’s been 10 days since WikiLeaks released 76,000 classified Afghan war documents — and yet some 15,000 additional documents have been deliberately withheld, for the very reason they’re being accused of disregarding already, that being security — that describes the war as something other than what the Imperial Propagandist’s wish us to believe. For the record, I think it’s reprehensible! For attempting to hold Barack Obama to his “promise” of transparency? Where does WikiLeaks and its founder and “editor-in-chief,” Julian Assange, get off? Don’t they know the American Government is not responsible to anyone? Least of all its citizens? I mean, fuck, right?

But what’s done is done. And we now have what has been described as a “game changer” by some, but the American Government itself, up ’til last week at least, has labelled it as “nothing new?” Yet their attacks on WikiLeaks and Assange, have increased? All led by the irresponsible Right-Wing Douche-bag’s who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground, on the best of days? Am I missing something? I can’t believe I’m typing this, what happened to the American Government? It wasn’t that long ago where they, while under the rule of George W. Bush, chose a stance and, rather arrogantly, stuck with it all the way into the ground!

I’ve said this before, here goes one more time, is this what hope brought us?

Anyway, today on Democracy Now!, Jeremy Scahill summed up the “WikiLeak” rather eloquently, when responding to what Julian, who was also interviewed, had to say (nearing the end of the interview, at the 48 minute mark of the broadcast) regarding what he is facing;

I think the attacks that are being put forward by Marc Thiessen, Mike Rogers, even by the Secretary of Defense and the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I mean, the painful, bloody irony of what they’re saying about WikiLeaks and about the individuals that provided these documents to WikiLeaks is that the US is the primary force jeopardizing Afghans every day, Afghan civilians every day. When you read in the documents these assassinations, essentially, of civilians that are taking place, why is there no outrage about that? Why aren’t there courts-martial of the individuals responsible for these massacres? Where are the prosecutions for murder? I mean, Marc Thiessen can write with a straight face about the crimes of Julian Assange and his criminal syndicate, and yet supports the kind of, you know, slaughter that we see happening in these night raids on a regular basis. […] So, I mean, I just—the main point I would say here is that journalists that dwell on this issue of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks endangering Afghan collaborators with the US should spend a little bit of time focusing on who’s been killing Afghan civilians on a regular basis. Yes, forces within the Taliban do it, but so, too, do US military forces. And there’s no accountability for those kinds of killings…

It’s becoming increasingly apparent it’s way too much to ask, even ridiculous to assume, that everyone be held to the same standard?