Prescott Sheldon Bush

I was watching American Morning again this morning. I know, I like shit television. Why not go with the best?

Anyway they cut to the douche bag live from Israel talking out his ass, yet again. Likening his shit talk to a specific presidential wannabe’s (that isn’t a compliment) views to a certain American Senator, who I believe wished he’d talked to Hitler once they invaded Poland. Or some such bullshit. I’m not at all sure of the specifics of said event(s) and believe me I’m the last person to comment on this. But CNN somehow compared his all too familiar stupidity to Barack Obama saying he’d talk to Syria and Iran once elected. Blah, blah, blah…

American moronics are extremely irritating these days. I can’t believe I’m actually commenting on such drivel. But I’ve a question for you Mr. Bush. What about your Grandfather, Prescott Sheldon Bush?

You’d think being accused of having such ties you’d be careful not to bring it up. Oops. What an utter fuck!

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  1. Although the Guardian is great for high brow journalism, I preferred’s take on this, as well as a few other crazy but true conspiracy theories. just my two cents, which, adjusted for inflation is worth maybe a little less than one cent now…

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