Precisely One Year Ago Today

Get a load of this, it would seem the RCMP is finally owning up to something, I’ve written about here a couple times previously (I believe). In fact, the last time I visited this story was precisely a year ago today (again, to the best of my recollection). That being the death of “of Polish visitor Robert Dziekanski, who died in October 2007 after RCMP subdued (read: murdered) him with a (read: more than a single) Taser (shock).”

With the facts being what they are, only one fact remains, in my eyes. Gary Bass, the RCMP deputy commissioner for the Pacific region, chose today, of all days, to “apologize.” While still keep themselves at a distance — stopping short of “acknowledging that the RCMP was to blame for Dzeikanzki’s death,” which calls into question what Bass was actually apologizing for, but… — the fact that today was chosen to offer Zofia Cisowski, Robert’s mother, a thinly veiled apology — and some cash — is much more than mere coincidence. Or, at least, that’s how I’m looking at it.

So with that said, I’ll just wish RCMP, and you, the happiest of April Fools Day’s, and leave it there…