Powerful and Recommended

I’ve had the opportunity — it would seem to have been awhile ago — to see the documentary Blinders: The Truth Behind the Tradition (YouTube link). And, today, I finally had the chance to listen to Donny Moss (the films “creator”) talking about his movie concerning “New York City’s horse-drawn carriage industry,” on Animal Voices (interview originally posted May 12th, 2009).

Which, subsequent to hearing the show, “inspired” me to watch it once again. It’s a very powerful and highly recommended film, I think, people need to see…

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  1. Not only are the drivers animal abusers and slave drivers, some are also incredibly crass, rude, belligerent and, occasionally WAY out of line:

    Video of a driver pulling his pants down to slap his ass at protesters – he does this in front of children.

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