Out Of Step

Ever get the feeling you’re the only one in the world with their head on “right?” Well, for me, today is just one of those days.

For the past few years I’ve been undergoing a rather aggressive regimen of a rather “traditional” therapy. And I just had a “dose” of that therapy. Anyway my therapist and I have been talking about a new avenue of therapy her and her husband have recently been exploring. Last week she was supposed to email me with further details regarding it, in the form of a web address I assume, but, since then, she has informed me they have been looking at different “sources” for the “technique.”

Honestly I’m not entirely sure of what she is looking at or for that matter hoping to accomplish. But I’m always open to looking at variety, especially where my therapy is concerned. If it makes sense to me..

And apparently this new avenue has better “science” behind it. I’m all for science. But it would seem my idea of science differs, quite a bit, from theirs. Now I haven’t seen any “evidence” into what she just described to me. But science doesn’t include pseudo-science. They aren’t the same thing.

Religion can’t claim to not believe in science then turn around and try to say it proves faith in god helps healing. To be fair it wasn’t presented to me quite like that. She said this “method” proves “praying for something specific helps with healing, as apposed to not.” Could it be any more vague? Science is about testing facts against facts to get other facts, no? I’d think what’s happening in someone’s head can’t be controlled well enough to prove such a claim. Or be considered “science.” And, frankly, this would seemingly prove nothing.

Now I’m refusing to cast any judgement until they have learned more and I have actually seen something I can understand with much more certainty. But I have my doubts…

What’s the matter with people? I’m not laughing it off simply because before I heard this I happened to see a piece on CNN where people are actually in support, and think well of that nut job Sarah Palin. And McCain is actually now leading Obama as a result!?!? Never have I been more convinced our civilization has been built upon a deeply flawed set of ideals and beliefs and with heads full of this shit a few idiots are going to kill us all…

“I can’t keep up. I can’t keep up. I can’t keep up. [I’m] Out of step with the world.”