Our Collective ‘De-Evolution’

In Thursday’s first post I mentioned two things. First my little buddy’s 34th birthday (no, I wasn’t referring to my dink, “his” birthday strangely falls on my birthday). Then the bicentennial of Charles Darwin’s birth.

Anyway I was just “chatting” up that same little buddy, who I suppose is a “dink” in his own right, over on Facebook’s Instant Messaging feature about a number of things. But what was most significant, and what nicely fits in with said post, is something we arrived at.

He mentioned how discouraged he is that we, as a species, are truly “going no-where.” To which I responded “we aren’t going nowhere,” we are way too busy “going backwards…”

It would seem that “small-minded people” are, not only intent on “swearing” at everything Darwin represents (moronically including his birth), but said “needle-dicked” folk are further contributing to “our” society’s regression or, ever more fittingly, our collective “de-evolution…”

“When the credits finally roll for this, the worst story ever told, don’t bother sifting through the names for yours or anyone you know. Unless they were by chance a shepherd king, a virgin birth, a resurrection, a messianic prince or some such childish thing.”1

It’s painfully ironic. And absolutely depressing…

  • 1 Propagandhi, Supporting Caste, Supporting Caste