Not Gonna Fly

Well I’ve spent the couple weeks before last trying to plan a book, with absolutely zero success. Then I switched gears hoping for a different and better result, by just starting to write it. That quickly was shown have been an even larger mistake. So, for my sake at least, I’ve decided my efforts would be much better spent focusing on other things. 

Hold on, Skippy. I’m only talking for right now. I’m not giving up. I haven’t come this far by screaming defeat. This endeavor hasn’t beaten me. Nothing has. And I refuse to give in. But if I’ve learned anything from life it is you can’t force something to happen and expect it to be your best effort. Sure there are instances where a push is needed. Even welcomed. But this isn’t one of them. Trust me.

So I’m going to spend the remaining time prior to the holiday season tending to some well overdue duties in my life. Finally getting a new ride and seating being the most important. And in the meantime, rest assured, I’ll spend my energy devising a new plan of attack and actually learning a bit about the art of writing itself. All while spending a quiet holiday season enjoying the snow and the company of my family.

I’ll go out on a limb and predict the new year will bring some exciting things, in this respect, at least. As for Obama actually bringing what he promised, it’s looking less and less likely, every day. Woe is us…