‘Not A Chance, Poopy Pants’

Last night, I had the most blessed opportunity to see a documentary, entitled The Most Hated Family in America. I’m speechless. How could I have had it so wrong? I’m forever changed.

Am I serious? “Not a chance, Poopy Pants…”

For those unaware of the Christian cult, otherwise known as the “Westboro Baptist Church,” this film does a pretty good job of getting one up to speed. You know those nut-bars from Kansas, “notorious homophobes,” who, “since the Iraq war [began] have become infamous for picketing the funerals of dead soldiers,” and have now, according to PunkNews.org, switched their focus to protest the band “All Time Low.”

And while I can’t necessarily fault them for protesting “All Time Low” for America being “DOOMED,” truth be told, I can’t argue that logic. Honestly, all I know of the band is what they’re Myspace page was able to provide, and, damn, it’s pretty bad. If a band is to blame for America’s ill’s, and not its government — in addition to a significant proportion of its population — this would be a mighty fine place to start. Just take my word for it. Yikes!

Not that I necessarily abide some of the sentiment used to counter what the “church” is “preaching,” but this is some pretty absurd behavior, none the less…