No-One Listens To Me

My last post, Soothing pulled a lot outta my head yesterday. I would be remiss not to mention something that made laugh aloud while drifting off to sleep last evening. Question: Is it coincidence Aamen is part or the focus of my most prized memories while booze was anywhere within, say a 25 foot radius of him? Obvious answer: No it’s not.

I was reminded of this incident merely cos The Satanic Surfers were the last band I saw, or I remember seeing prior to my accident.

One night in mid-June, I’d guess Aamen and I piled into my family’s awaiting wiener red Cavalier and drove into the city to catch one of my favorite bands. Even today not much can touch the early to mid Surfers material. I digress, on the way we picked up Trouble and Mel, then subsequently made our way to 735 Queen Street East (wow, I remembered!).

I don’t really recall seeing Aamen drinking enough to warrant any alarm. He hides it well. Definitely an improvement over Black Saturday. I guess the lesson here is practice makes perfect.

After the show he was carrying on with a couple of blokes from a local band, FKC, and they arranged to go across the street to partake in a little “recreational” activity…

Not taking my advice not to participate in the “festivities” very seriously, he did just what I warned him not to. I could hardly believe it either. I don’t need to tell you what ensued. It was a horror show. And I knew it would happen. 

Anyway upon weaving our way through the city’s seemingly endless supply of streetlights, we, finally rolled upon Mel’s house. Aamen barely made it out of the car and emptied, what I thought would be the entire contents of his stomach onto the sidewalk!

I picked him up, shook off what dinner I could and started to make our way home, having only to stop three more times for Aamen to relieve his upset stomach. My point? No-one listens to me. Why doesn’t anyone ever listen to me?

My memory of that night is a little foggy, hell, it was a long time ago, stands to reason. I’ll be the first to admit that events may not have unfolded exactly as I depicted. But, believe me, it was a show worth attending…