No More Relevant and Utterly Frightening Words

I, personally, have never come across a bunch of more relevant and utterly frightening words than the sentence Will Potter wrote to open Arizona’s “Show Me Your Papers” Law is About More than Immigration;

“Historically, as nations have made the slow, steady creep toward fascism—the closing down of an open society—two groups have been among the first to feel the tightening: dissidents and immigrants…”

And feedback this week (pt3: Letters, and specifically the response to The Armageddon Factor: pt2 of May 11ths show) on CBC’s The Current this morning suggests that not every Canadian is concerned about our Governments ideological shift more towards the right. Where this sort of paranoia and, using the American agenda pushing needle-dicks as my prime example, disgusting segregation, seem to be common place. And even endorsed.

What amazing times we live in…