My Favorite Records of 2008

Not unlike it came in, the year that is almost up, is looking like it will leave in an all to similar fashion. Much to do with absolutely nothing. And, be that as it may, since I’ve already “prematurely” revealed the winner of my “2008 Piece Of Shit List,” Sarah Palin, naming runner-up Douche Bag’s, at this point, strikes me as a tad redundant. So, I thought, in an attempt to acknowledge this year coming to an end I may as well mark the occasion by listing my top 3 favorite records of 2008.

“It’s all good…”

NIN Album Cover

First is Nine Inch Nails: Ghosts I-V. An absolute mood listen. “A soundtrack for daydreams.” But, best of all, there’s no vocals. Not that I have a problem with singing, per se, I have issues with Reznor’s vocal style.

I don’t know what it is. But I’ve never thought much of his music because of his voice. That said, as you can guess, I wouldn’t have considered myself a NIN’s fan before. And I still wouldn’t, so much. But I figured he could use my support, having ditched the industry, to release this album on his own. And I’m glad I did. It’s really an interesting listen…

Night Marchers Album Cover

Next is The Night Marchers: See You In Magic. Now seeing how this is their very first release, I can’t very well claim this albums greatness was expected, right? Wrong.

It’s yet another one of John Reis’ projects. Albeit a new one. But it’s Reis. Anything this guy touches is gold. Early Rocket From The Crypt, Drive Like Jehu, and Hot Snakes especially. Really solid music that’s been with me for years. And this, like the previously mentioned bands, is a serious rump shaking groove. Not so much like Jehu or the Snakes, it’s not as raw. It’s more like Rocket, minus the horns. It’s deadly infectious…

NIN Album Cover

Lastly is Genghis Tron’s: Board Up The House. I wrote a bit about this record back in September. This is, simply, one of those great records. One that needs to be heard in full to truly appreciate. It’s a journey.

I’ll say again, “Board Up The House reminds me a lot of how I initially took Converge’s, Jane Doe. In the way it broke the boundaries of what I considered exceptional musicianship. Specifically with the use of electronically generated noise and melodies.”

So 2008 was a great personal opportunity for growth, with respect to what I can and have begun to appreciate. Not only are the albums I found worthy of mention here a little different, well 2 of 3 are, I’ve found my overall musical interest slightly shifting, as well. Too weird…