Milk Is Milk

What the hell is wrong with PeTA? Today I briefly heard about their scheme to substitute cows milk for human breast milk in Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. While I personally fail to see the difference, milk is milk, I’m left scratching my head.

Honestly I can say I’ve any serious discrepancies towards the point they’re trying to make and reality. Again milk is milk. In a sense bovine milk and human milk serve a vital use to both the calf and the human infant, respectively, but consuming milk, any milk past infancy is pointless. And, as more and more studies show, harmful to human health. So my point is, milk is milk. Except, of course, there is a better chance the human milk won’t contain antibiotics or puss! But why tout any “milk” at all? But this is NOT the way to make the point.

Normally I’m thoroughly annoyed with counter-productive antics of “fringe” groups, but I figure the faster PeTA drives themselves into the ground the better off the animal rights movement will be…