Well today’s entry signifies my 100th poorly implemented, half thought-out rambling. And 11 days short of an official year of blogging, too. Not bad, I’d say, considering I hit 50 posts just this past August 13th. Which, in itself demonstrates something, I suppose.

I’ve stepped up my efforts here, primarily, for one reason. I’m making a concentrated effort to “write” much more often than I have in the past, in an effort to better my “skills” at the craft. But, ever more importantly, to learn about and hopefully develop a writing style.

So I can write a book…

You’ve read me right. A book! I’m currently exploring my potential to pull a decent bunch of words out of my ass. I don’t want to get too much into detail, or too far ahead of myself at this point, mostly because I’m not too sure of the specifics myself right now. But stay tuned, details will be forthcoming. 

Hopefully by me announcing my intent here–to you, a handful of people–it will provide me the kick in the pants I’ve been looking for.

I couldn’t possibly think of a better way to celebrate my first centenary, today, than to formally announce my plans. Let Your Imagination Set You Free…