Mark this Day and these Words

In what is a very surprizing turn of events, I can’t say I can find much to argue, concerning comments Stephen Harper made yesterday on his trip to the Arctic;

“No reason the seal industry should be singled out…”1

With the vast majority of Canada, and the world, still treating animals as a commodity, it doesn’t make much sense to “single-out” and demonize a certain demographic — especially one such as the Inuit for carrying on a tradition and a way of life that has sustained their people for thousands of years — when we’re all complicit in similar, if not worse, atrocities. Non-human and human alike.

Now I’m not saying I disagree with the EU’s ban on seal products, in fact I applaud them for implementing a decision as a result of public pressure. And it’s so refreshing to see an organized body outright ban anything rather than call for reform — which doesn’t really change the underpinnings of domination and hierarchy, not to mention the actual “welfare” of the non-human animals we subject to our sociopathic perversions, when eventually put into effect. I’m merely saying he has a point.

Mark this day and these words, Stephen Harper is right. Go vegan. Stop supporting all animal exploitation, not just a form, every form…