Let Your Imagination Set You Free

I once swore to myself I would never let myself forget how bloody frustrating life can get when you no longer possess the faculties you once used to live life. And there I sat actually having to be reminded of a promise I once made to myself… 

I recently had an opportunity to see the film The Diving Bell And The Butterfly.

“From one of the most emotionally exhilarating and luminous bestsellers ever written comes the true story of a man who took an adversity beyond all imagining and transformed it into a testament to the irrepressible human urge to love, create and dream.” 

I didn’t expect it to tear such strong feelings out over such a painful time in my life. A lot of the movie was a blur. I’m not too sure of much that actually occurred, plot wise, aside from the main story points, of course. Frankly it wasn’t that far off from what I actually lived. Sure somethings were different, like any experience between two people often is. But it was so very eerie. All the way down to the manner in which the film was set and even photographed. Utterly bizarre.

The point of me writing this isn’t necessarily to draw upon comparisons between the movie and myself, but rather to take the inspiration watching the film has left me and embark on something different, exciting and new.

Watch the movie and see if you can guess what I have in mind…