Label Me Surprized

Yesterday Democracy Now spent the hour talking about reproductive rights and “the killing of the abortion provider Dr. George Tiller.” Interesting stuff.

I’m more than willing to admit, the debate has its merits. Frankly I understand both sides of the argument. As a vegan, I understand the stance against abortion. But I also understand and support the need for such a service’s existence. Agree with it or not, quite simply, it’s a woman’s health issue. But, much more pressing is, it’s also a woman’s right to do whatever she chooses with her body. Period.

Now, I’ve heard it before, how could I, an animal rights advocate, even think about arguing for abortion?

Fact is, for right now, abortion is legal. And as hard as people have tried to convict him, Dr. Tiller was acquitted of every single charge he was accused of. It’s a legal (read: a woman’s right’s) issue before a life issue.

But, as difficult as it is, the point I’m getting at is not to argue one side over the other, rather, I want to point you towards the more relevant issue that this whole tragedy has brought about. That being the differences between life rights — for both human and nonhuman animals, being there are none — and, more importantly, the reasons for continuing to let on that there is.

Shockingly I don’t have any answers as to why this might be. Fortunately, Will, over at Green Is The New Red, might. “3 Reasons Why Murdering an Abortion Doctor Isn’t Being Called ‘Terrorism’.”

Give it a read and, while your at it, label me surprized…