Keep Your Eyes On This Creep

Speaking of dick-bag’s. For some context, I wrote about The Lunatic Dick-Bag Fringe (a.k.a. the extreme American Right-Wing — which isn’t all that “extreme” these days, it’s seeming more and more like the norm) near the start of this month. Then again, last week, following Rand Paul’s primary victory in Kentucky. What a piece of work this idiot is turning into. I’ll just cite what Mike Ervin, “a freelance journalist and a longtime activist with the disability rights groups ADAPT,” so curiously asked;

“Saying something like, ‘If you have a two-floor business and you hire someone that uses a wheelchair’—like me—’that the federal government would automatically come in and demand that you install a $100,000 elevator,’ is ridiculous […] So the kind of solution that he came up with, of giving somebody a first-floor office, would be exactly the kind of thing that the ADA would say that you should do, and it would be within the law. So, to go around making people think that the ADA is this big boogeyman that makes people—makes private businesses go through these huge changes, they’re going to bankrupt them just to accommodate someone in a wheelchair like me, is either ill-informed or purposely misleading […] [W]hat he’s saying is that every private business has the right to say, ‘We don’t want you in here. Get out of here. ‘And we’re getting back to the old lunch counter problem again. Yeah, I think that most people would disagree with him quite significantly on that, you know, that little steps, which are often all that is required—little steps should—no affirmative steps should have to be taken at all to make it possible for someone who uses a wheelchair or someone who uses a service animal. Should a private sort of person who owns a restaurant or a store be able to say to a blind person who needs a dog to get around, ‘Get out of here; no dogs allowed in my store or my restaurant,’ and thus tell the blind person they can’t come in? Are those the kinds of things that he’s talking about? Should the cab company that makes money operating in my city be able to say, ‘We don’t want to have any wheelchair-accessible vehicles, and we don’t care if you get around just like everybody else’? Is that really the kind of thing that he’s talking about?”

Keep your eyes on this creep, his shifty talk, and his curly hair. I just don’t trust people with curly hair…