It Obviously Is

Yesterday a “high profile cabinet minister,” Conservative Agriculture Minister, Jerry Ritz, made light of the recent Maple Leaf Listeriosis tainted meat scandal. In as much as he wished a Liberal MP from PEI death by a thousand cuts. “A thousand cold cuts.” OK it wasn’t phrased quite like that but you get the gist. But when what he said was leaked to the press, buddy, apparently, “scrambled” and hid in the Ottawa airport from reporters. 

Then Transport Minister, also a Conservative, Lawrence Canon’s “personal assistant” said to a group of Algonquin constituents within the boundaries of his responsibility to expect Larry for a visit if “you behave and are sober.”

Not to pick on the Conservatives (though they more than deserve it), I realize problems delve much deeper than them, but is being an inappropriate needledick a prerequisite before running for, or working in any sort of political office today? Shit!

No need to answer. It obviously is…