Support and services

Q: What support services were the most/least beneficial to you and why?

I honestly couldn’t break it down to any specific services. I really had to think about this question before I arrived at a semi-workable answer. And the answer isn’t quite as specific as I’d have hoped. Oh well.

I believe my “support” and whether it has benefited me, either positively or negatively, simply boils down to whether it was obtained independently, or through a so-called “service provider.”

I didn’t have much control with any “formal” service entity. I was at the mercy of the service and what they’re able to provide at any given time. At least where PSW services go. They were not very flexible and, either unwilling, or unable to deal with change. Like if a staff member was sick, or unable to “report for duty,” not once were they able to provide me a back-up. And given this relations were often strained as a result. A person’s care is, inevitably personal and important. As it should be. I expected dependable help, but was provided anything but.

Where as searching, hiring and funding the help totally independently was, without doubt the most effective means to carry on. The care giver is solely responsible to you. Enough said?