I’m Oh So Curious

I’m not at all sure of the technicalities surrounding my governments involvement in being partners with a corporation, and a university — if a difference could be drawn between the 3 entities these days – in “chipping-in” for a 60 million dollar facelift for Maple Leaf Gardens, to, as the story reads, “bring Maple Leaf Gardens back to life.” And specifically, if the changes proposed had to be deemed a “multi-purpose facility” the “public” could “use,” in order to qualify for government funding?

The reason I bring this up, quite simply, is the Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC) proposed fare hike — slated to take effect at the first of next year, I believe — and why a private corporation’s property is more deserving of the $20 million “facelift,” than helping a public, essential service. Where “costs are already too high and often unaffordable,” for millions of citizens, who depend on it to get them where they need to be.

I’m oh so curious…