I’ll Never Understand People

This morning, on CBC’s The Current, they ran a very interesting piece, “Abu Ghraib – Janis Karpinski (Part 2);”

“Over the weekend, the once secretive former US Vice-President Dick Cheney was pushing for the release of more CIA documents to try to bolster his arguments that interrogation tatics such as waterboarding thwarted terrorist plots. […] It made clear that senior Bush Administration officials approved the use of interrogation or torture tactics such as waterboarding. […] Janis Karpinski paid a steep price for the Bush Administration’s policies. She was a Brigadier General and the person in charge of more than a dozen detention facilities in Iraq after the U.S. military invasion including the now-notorious Abu Ghraib prison. She was demoted, one of only two high ranking officers to be punished over what happened…”

What was so interesting, to me at least, is when the host, Anna Maria Tremonti, asked Ms. Karpinski, if she believes she should be “re-instated” to her former job, she, very enthusiastically, said yes.

Seriously? She’d want the job back? It’s been five years, this month, since what happened at Abu Ghraib, in Iraq, was exposed and she, not only worked, but is still working, in a “demoted” position, for a bunch of “psychopath’s,” who only care about one thing? Themselves. I don’t get it…