I Can’t Believe It

OK, yesterday I wrote and posted a bit on racism. And how a television reporter might be guilty of being “insensitive,” at least by something he said “in passing.” But I wasn’t sure.

So in a moment of extreme uncertainty, I “panicked” and deleted it without actually thinking it through, relatively soon after posting it. For which I came to feel “guilty” over what I had done. Sure about what I wrote and not being entirely sure of my “footing,” but a lot more about deleting it. I’m not too sure of “proper blogging practices,” but deleting something, no matter how soon after posting would seem to me to be a “no-no.” 

Point being guilt is a powerful emotion. That’s probably why an American President’s hair is a lot more grey following leaving office, eh? Oh, and I’ve since reposted A Moment Of Racism?

Anyway, honestly my actions aren’t entirely a result of me feeling guilty, sadly. Smugness goes along way, too! But my research department (You’re a bloody life saver, Cam. Thank you.) this morning informed me that I was, not only on to something, but John King is, in fact an asshole for insinuating Joe Biden’s talking too much is comparable to a “Native American” being off their “reservation,” and how either might not be wanted?

I can’t believe it. I was, at least in the ballpark with an accusation? And a “television reporter” actually used such an expression? Idiot!

Cam sent me this link from the “Daily Kos” (Which I’m not familiar with, looks to me to be some sort of “Liberal Thinktank.”) which debates the meaning of “off the reservation,” and “beyond the pale,” for that matter. It would seem, to me that both originate as a derogatory racial slurs. 

Now before I get the customary email about being too “sensitive” or the dreaded “PC” label, I feel I should pose a question first. If people were much more sensitive to individuals and the planet around them, would we, as a collective be facing such threats against existence?

Thanks again for the support, Cam…