How’s That For Coincidence?

I thought I’d try and talk about something new, after a third consecutive post on the same subject, in this, my next post. But, what can I say, with two seemingly separate, yet relevant, occurrences happening in tandem this morning, it ain’t gonna happen?

First was my choosing to listen to Bad Religion‘s record “Against The Grain.” Which, I assure you, was entirely an arbitrary choice. And, other than not having heard it in years, is hardly out of the ordinary. The fact that the song “Operation Rescue” is on this record was purely coincidental. But, what was so peculiar was, just as “Positive Aspect Of Negative Thinking” began I started reading “30 Crimes the Government Chooses to Not Label Terrorism.” When, part way through the article, Greg Graffin, uncharacteristically monotone, uttered the words;

“I’m so tired of all the fucked up minds of all the terrorist religions and their bullshit lines…”

How’s that for coincidence?