How Conservatives Rule

I’ve been reading Thomas Frank’s latest book, The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule. And I couldn’t have chosen a better book to get a hold on what’s currently happening with world economies. From a reason as to why it’s happening. But, more importantly, what small-minded American “wingers” have, in fact, done.

Why should I care? Well a few days ago I heard about our “leader,” Steven Harper, giving a speech supporting “Dubya’s” insane motives to invade Iraq. As troubling as that is, it’s not the most concerning aspect of this story. Turns out Harper, when leader of the Canadian Alliance, gave the exact same speech, three days later, word for word, as Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard.

I think it goes without saying that I expected it. But it goes deeper. Much deeper. Conspiracy theories aside, seems to me, that his “Conservative” ploy is just a front for more sinister motives…

Here I was under the impression that the Conservative movement was based on “traditional” values. As important as I regard tradition, at least where history is concerned, I can understand its value. But going so far as to be threatened by “liberalism,” change, or even government itself? Strikes me as a little paranoid. Not to mention pathetic. 

But it appears I was just a little off the mark with my assumptions about “tradition” driving right wing nut jobs. It’s business and money, in particular, driving these needle-dicks. Frankly the whole scene is a lot mind-numbing.

Now, understand, I’m no fan of authority. And government as a general rule. But even I can appreciate its usefulness. Education and health care, just to name two. And looking at either with an eye towards making money isn’t anyway to approach and administer these institutions. Not that I know of any efforts to privatize said branches of the Canadian government, but with the Conservatives in “office,” at full capacity, it wouldn’t be far off.

Having been reading The Wrecking Crew, I can’t help but draw distinct parallels between both the Bush and the Harper administrations. Or should I say regimes?

He needs to go…