Here At Home

With so much of both the Canadian and American media attention focusing on the American Presidential election we better not forget to think of matters here at home. We have an election for Prime Minister of Canada on October 14? I think.

Of course when I wrote “we better not forget” I really meant “I better not forget.” Can you blame me (I wasn’t really asking)? I’m a little more concerned about a very conservative, very small minded Governor of Alaska being just a step away from the American Presidency. Lets just say I’m a little worried.

And be that as it may letting it consume me isn’t an option with Steven Harper looking for a “majority government.”

I don’t really have too much against Harper, as a person, per se. Except he is a conservative and appears to be under similar delusions as conservatives to the south of us. But, as I see it, that’s a rather big problem. And I haven’t cared enough to look. Have you seen his commercial about being a Dad? Anyone that creepy must have other, more pressing, drawbacks.

So I’m going to start looking this weekend and see who just might “deserve” my vote. 

I’m kind of interested to see what the inclusion of The Green Party Candidate, Elizabeth May, in the debates might mean. Will it mean a fourth candidate to vote for in the city I happen to call home?

I guess I’ll see…