Happy Holidays

I’ve seen my share of counter productive behavior this holiday season. On TV, especially. I’m referring to the greatly misplaced act when people insist on being wished a “Merry Christmas,” rather than the more appropriate “Happy Holidays.”

Think about it, whether intentional or not, wishing others a “Merry Christmas” may make one feel recognized, sure, but what about those who don’t regard the same traditions as “you?” And could possibly feel, uncomfortable or slighted by such a salutation?

What about Hanukkah, Ramadan, Eid, Kwanzaa, or any of the other reasons people observe personally significant times of the year? Do they not deserve respect or recognition, too?

I was under the impression the expression “Happy Holidays” was meant to include Christmas and other such holidays, no? I know, it doesn’t really. But it’s the effort that counts. Exclusion is a poison most, in this privileged society will never have to swallow. Good for you, but what about those who do?

Why do people wish everyone a “Merry Christmas,” when such a greeting really only applies to, roughly a sixth of the worlds population?

That said, if you’re in any such position to, have yourselves a good one…

One thought on “Happy Holidays”

  1. couldn’t disagree with you more. commercially speaking, no holiday is more entwined with this time of year than Christmas. I would ask how many years you’ve gathered around the HOLIDAY tree to open your SEASONS gifts…That said, should anyone wish me a happy Hanukkah, would i be within my right of my beliefs to then act dismissive and disgusted by someone’s expression of their own beliefs? I’m all for acceptance, not denial. if you wish me happy Kwanzaa, you should be just as accepting with my merry Christmas response. if someone wishes me whatever adverb goes with Ramadan, do i act disgusted and advise them that i will only accept happy holiday wishes…? The attempt to be politically and religiously correct is not for me. Whatever time of year you celebrate, i hope you celebrate it openly and with love. As for me, I’ll be having a Merry Christmas, and I wish you one to!

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