Happy April Fools Day!

This morning I had the most unfortunate opportunity to catch The Current on CBC’s Radio One. Usually an interesting and a mildly informative source for perspectives on Canadian and global “news.”

One aspect of the program, especially, caught my ear. It wasn’t Elizabeth May’s apparent declaration to hitch-hike across Canada during the next federal election to reduce expenses and, wait for it, her carbon footprint. A community or “block” toilet. Or, even, catching, killing, boiling, and eating suburban wildlife—being squirrel, possum, and raccoon—as a way to cut costs and ensure your protein intake doesn’t suffer.

I get it. All jokes. Or, at least, I hope they were jokes. But my problem isn’t with that segment, “Radical Thrift,” so much. Rather today’s “short, scripted piece of satire read by ‘The Voice’,” played, each week day, at the outset of the show…

It was a poorly placed airport security personnel, being tied to organized crime but still being “allowed” to carry “tasers?” In light of the ongoing Robert Dziekanski Murder Trial, such a remark, at this time, is a little inappropriate?

But I guess it’s much more important to be sure you have yourselves a happy April Fools Day!