Haiti Occupied? And For What?

In today’s first segment of Democracy Now’s broadcast, Amy Goodman filed a report straight from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. See what you haven’t seen, or are likely to witness, in the mainstream media. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS!

Near the beginning of Amy’s piece, she talks to Dr. Evan Lyon of Partners in Health, where he says;

“I think it has real potential to be an occupation. If there are 12,000 soldiers here, it is an occupation. I’ve not known of any violence at the hands of the American military. We’ve also just barely had the beginning of collaboration with them, literally within the last thirty minutes. General Keane, their operations person, finally showed up here after some time. And the military is helping us secure the grounds. But of course this is an occupation. It’s not a—this is a disaster area. Warm bodies help, but military is potentially very destructive in this environment.”

But in conjunction to what Cynthia McKinney wrote yesterday, the words I cited above, are ridiculously damnable (against perceived American intentions, not Dr. Lyon, of course);

“I shudder to think that the “rollback” policies believed in by some foreign policy advisors to President Obama could use a prolonged U.S. military presence in Haiti as a springboard for rollback of areas in Latin America that have liberated themselves from U.S. neo-colonial domination. I would hate to think that this would even be attempted under the presidency of Barack Obama. All of us must have our eyes wide open on Haiti and other parts of the world now dripping in blood as a result of the relentless onward march of the U.S. military machine…”

Next month’s Anti-Empire Report is sure to be mighty interesting…