Genghis Carnage

NIN Album Cover

Knowing Jared is quite an infuriating experience. Let me explain. During his last visit he brought 3 CDs with him. Two of which tickled my fancy in interesting ways. I’m sorry but the third, “Crowpath,” made me laugh the whole time it was being played. There’s something about the name.

But the other two bands, Cephalic Carnage and Genghis Tron and their disc’s Xenosapien and Board Up The House, respectively were somehow different than I expected. I still can’t put my finger on why Xenosapien was and is so attractive. I still don’t think much of the vocals. Everything from Cookie Monster to Cobra Commander? And beyond?

Not really my thing, at least where the vocals are concerned. Thus far…

But Board Up The House reminds me a lot of how I initially took Converge’s, Jane Doe. In the way it broke the boundaries of what I considered exceptional musicianship. Specifically with the use of electronically generated noise and melodies.

Shortly before this, Jared turned me onto a band by the name of Zombi. Which is heavily, if not entirely based on “electronically” derived “soundscapes inspired by filmmakers such as Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci.” And my absolute love for theirs and, more specifically George Romero’s zombie movies (the first 3 anyway) made me an instant fan.

But Board Up The House seems to be the next logical step in a similar direction. Building upon eerie electronic tones reminiscent of Day Of The Dead they throw grinding beats, guitars and vocals on top. But unlike Zombi the sound is exclusively their own.

To my original point. What’s with those stickers they seal new compact disc’s with that never come off in one piece. It took me more than a full half hour to get into this case to get the damned CD out! See what I mean? Infuriating…