Feeling Much Better Today, Thank You

I’ve managed to lose the headache I picked up yesterday during a trip out to the movies. As I said, last night, I saw Religulous, and while I provided my first impressions shortly after getting home, I steered clear of discussing a point further. Primarily because it required me to do a little “fact-check” prior to me cracking off. And I wasn’t feeling all that inspired to go digging around for what I wanted to share.

But I’m feeling much better today, thank you, so off to work I went…

Last Monday, on Democracy Now, they ran a piece on Max Blumenthal‘s and David Neiwert’s article they wrote, and is posted on Salon.com titled “Meet Sarah Palin’s radical right-wing pals.” The point I was looking to drive at was she is as closely aligned with an extreme right-wing faction, that being the Alaskan Independence Party, as bin Laden is tied to al Qaeda. Well maybe not, but close enough. Both are looking to dismantle the U.S. Government. Potentially as violent as each other, too.

Palin is looking to be elected into the Government her affiliates are looking to secede from and “destroy.” But more to my point, just like Osama, an overly literal interpretation of her religion drives Palin to do all she’s done and is hoping to do. Scary shit indeed.

In my opinion, the film, didn’t go as far as it needed to go to adequately prove its point nor was it as fair as it should have been. Why does fundamental Islam deserve recognition but not fundamental religion in general? Struck me as a little odd.

But not as odd as Aki Nawaz being “Propa-Gandhi?” Bizarre…