Everything Is Alright

Well, for the minute it took me to filter through this “press release,” at least. Face it, there isn’t too much that could be considered “alright” in the world, these days.

So Propagandhi have announced their new record, “Supporting Caste,” hits the streets March 10, 2009;

“Legendary and unrepentant residents of humankind’s ideological peanut-gallery, Propagandhi does not disappoint with Supporting Caste, launching crude rockets into the heart of the prevailing order with meditations that range in focus from the humane slaughter and consumption of non-vegans in an elaborate 18-course banquet (with wine pairings) to the apparent confusion of turning on the TV to watch a simple hockey game and having to wonder whether or not the Nazi’s actually lost the war after all…”1

“When did the future switch from being a promise to a threat?”2 If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay off the streets March 10th, and watch the fuck out! I can’t wait…

  • 1 From Propagandhi’s website 13-01-09
  • 2 Ellis Island (Chuck Palahniuk), Invisible Monsters