Tè Tremblé

The title of today’s post means “the earth trembles” in Creole. One of Haiti’s two official languages — the other language being French. I’ve chosen that title along with the subject of today’s post as an ever so small gesture of solidarity with the Haitian people. For those unaware, there has to be one or two of you out there, and cares that today marks the one year anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake that merely furthered, but exponentially worsened, the destruction, misery and hardship a bunch of nations, Canada most definitely included, has unleashed on Haiti.

No matter how desperate things may seem and are on the ground in Haiti, I guess the least — as in the very least — I could do is let the world know I’m thinking about them and trying to get others to do the same?

So what could I possibly say that would even remotely give this issue the slightest resemblance of justice? Not much. But Democracy Now! spent their entire broadcast devoted to, Remembering the Earthquake in Haiti, and speaking with Wesleyan Professor Alex Dupuy, Haitian Activist Patrick Elie, Haitian Writer Jean Saint-Vil and Novelist Edwidge Danticat.

Please check the show out…

And the perfect supplement; Hmmm, I Wonder How Much Worse Cholera is Than the Flu??!!