Details Are Scarce

I recently had a friend ask me about my veganism. Which was great! The more I’m asked, the more chances I have to get the word out, right? 

Anyway I’m always very careful about how I approach people’s curiosity when I’m asked about my life’s choices. Mostly because I’m not too sure how receptive they will be to viewpoints I have regarding certain decisions I’ve made. My position on animal rights being the most glaring example. However I feel compelled to make it known, immediately, the choices I’ve made regarding being a vegan derive, at least initially, from an animal rights stance. After that. It’s a free-for-all. I’ll see where we end up.

You see I’m of the mind it’s always best to ease yourself into these conversations prior to laying out any opinions. Don’t come on too strong. Let them lead. And judge their reception by the questions they ask. Face it, people aren’t always receptive to the truth, even if they ask for it. Especially when it comes to their food choices. 

In my experience, people are much more content to swallow the “blue pill” and ignore what’s really going on. But, as it turns out, if you keep at it, your words will be heard, eventually… 

So I approached her questions with my typical hesitancy. I like to feel the situation out first before jumping in “head-first,” ya know? 

So I went at it with my typical “gusto.” Serious enough to keep them interested, but kind of relaxed to avoid disappointment, when she dropped the bomb on me;

“I believe in animal rights, it was one of the reasons I left sheep farming… No matter how humanely I raised them… The whole industry is wrong… Now my animals live out their lives, spoiled, well fed, and stress free. Mind you they are getting older. I wouldn’t have them with me forever.”

I wasn’t expecting that. But I ran with it! I advised her to get a hold of a copy of Becoming Vegan by Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina. Then recommended a few “essential” foods to either stay away from or substitute in place of a few “staples” of the “Standard [North] American Diet.” And life went on.

I basically forgot all about our “conversation,” not for any other reason than I’ve been kind of busy with other things, until today, when I received a “what r u up to” instant message. Followed by a second message, “u are right this vegan thing works, down 20 pounds.” Then a third, “not so hard after all.”

I was shocked. Don’t get wrong, it’s fantastic! But, honestly, it caught me totally of guard. This wasn’t the first time I’d been asked advice, far from it, but she is the first one I’ve actually “reached.” And she actually used my advice to make such a “wonderful” change to her life. 

I guess I’m so surprised cos I didn’t really do much of anything. It’s not that I didn’t want to, so much, I didn’t have to. Which was so nice, not to have to fight a lifetime of lies and misinformation, just listen to the positive result of something I said. Almost in passing? It’s a little surreal…

Details are scarce right now but, you can bet, I want to hear all about it. Great fucking news…