Desperately Needing Your Attention

The first segment of today’s Democracy Now broadcast, concerning Haiti and the aftermath — and, more importantly, the contributing factors to the devastation — of yesterday’s catastrophic earthquake, is desperately needing your attention.

Everyone needs to get the news about Haiti you won’t get wasting everyone’s time, watching Crappy News Network’s talk their shit about what Haiti is like now. Haiti doesn’t need your pity. They need your help!

Today Chris said it best;

“There’s no good place for a 7.0 magnitude earthquake to hit, but Haiti, the Western Hemisphere’s poorest (and most interfered with) nation, is definitely one of the worst.

According to the Canada-Haiti Action Network, the “illegal coup of 2004 (supported by the Canadian, French and US governments) has had an extremely negative impact on Haiti’s social fabric—breakdown in government services, including education and health care; increased poverty; decline of agricultural production…”

…so the last thing the people of Port-Au-Prince needed on top of this continuing foreign domination of their country was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake to add to their misery.

In immediate terms, we obviously encourage people who want to help, to contact a trusted, pro-democracy aid organization directly. We recommend Partners in Health. PIH are a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a preferential option for the poor in health care, specifically in Haiti. ((from Propagandhi’s post, … To Benefit Partners In Health))”

Please consider giving what you can to someone, not just anyone (please see, nearing the end of the aforementioned DN segment, for what they say regarding aid), in the position to lend a much needed hand. Thank you…

UPDATE: Subsequent to this  post, both yesterday’s (Thursday) and today’s (Friday) Democracy Now broadcasts, were extremely insightful in providing context to what Haiti is currently facing. Not only that, both episode’s really, did a great job of providing a valuable look at the country’s history. People need to see and understand this.

But pay close attention to yesterday’s broadcast for Douche bag Pat Robertson’s comments concerning Haiti’s “pact with the devil,” Naomi Klien’s comments concerning the Heritage Foundation’s outrageous intent to push their “unpopular pro-corporate policies,” and today’s episode for that piece of shit Rush Limbaugh’s typical talk straight outta his ass.

Why is any of this so shocking still?