I had, not one, but two completely different, yet strangely compelling email conversations with a couple of long time friends yesterday. Both about politics. One was a general chat regarding generic foreign policy issues and the other about a more specific state of Canadian politics.

The subject of both really was inconsequential. I wasn’t that comfortable adding anything, of relevance, to either. Which kind of bothered me. It seemed I was a little “timid” about not knowing more about either subject.

Which inspired me, at least on the side of Canadian politics, to find out more.

I have been looking deeper into it in the last week or so, with an election looming and all I figured I needed to. But I kept running into the same problems I have always found with politics here in Canada. Accessibility. In terms of no non-sense straight look into the problems we, as a nation, face today. And, more importantly, a nonpartisan look at the problems the different parties possess (I’m not saying a “source” doesn’t exist, just I’ve yet to find it.). Versus lots of officials from every party yelling at a person of another party as they’re trying to talk in the House Of Commons.

Ever seen this? It gives me such a headache. And it frustrates me to no end… 

But given both the political “back and forth’s” were concerning different sub-subjects, I found it quite inspiring that both ended up arriving at similar resting points;

“Maybe if we, as drunken idiots riding our buzzes off while lying in the back field off E.W. Foster at 4 in the morning, had spent a little less time drinking and more time thinking, shit could be different.”

“I have come to the decision that Canadians should be “fully boned” on Canadian politics – or at least as boned-up as they are on American politics.  A better sense/appreciation of CANADIAN culture and independence from the USA might get created. Perhaps there would be more people interested and willing to do/improve/change something too.” 

If you knew anything about the bloke who “said” the words directly above you’d understand my appreciation for the words he wrote. Thanks Shags…