Consider Someone Else

Grieving Mothers

“All females used for milk production are torn from their babies shortly after birth. […] They all beg for their babies in language that requires no translation: They bellow, they cry, they moan. Many continue to call for their babies for days and nights on end. Some stop eating and drinking. They search feverishly. Many refuse to give up and will return to the empty spot again and again. Some withdraw in silent grief. They all remember to their last breath the face, the scent, the voice, the gait of every baby they carried for nine months, soundered to, birthed with difficulty, bathed, loved, and never got to know, nurture, protect, and watch live.”1

Motherhood is NOT exclusive to humanity. Why is a mother’s, any mother’s, instinct not worth empathy?

“Speciesism is morally objectionable because, like racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination, it excludes beings from the scope of moral concern on the basis of an irrelevant criterion. It makes no difference whether that irrelevant criterion is race, sex, sexual orientation, [ability], or species.”2

The fine folks over at Peaceful Prairie have assembled a series of downloadable resources aptly labelled Grieving Mothers [1] & [2];

“This Mother’s Day, as we honor and celebrate Motherhood, help us continue to advocate for the forgotten mothers of the world, the millions of captive females used in ALL forms of dairy production – from raw, family farmed, organic, and factory farmed operations - whose only experience of motherhood is the gruesome loss of baby after baby.”3

Why not do yourself and the billions of Mothers around the world a huge favour and consider someone else? Go Vegan Now!

Happy Mothers Day…